A Match Made in Heaven

At Humphry Slocombe, we like to think that ice cream or liquor will make just about anything better (and a combo of the two covers all bases). If you don’t know the history of Humphry Slocombe and our boozy, frozen treats, here’s a little background. One of our most popular flavors of all time is our signature Secret Breakfast – bourbon ice cream with corn flakes. Yes, bourbon. In the 10 years since our foundation, we’ve created more drunken (no, you won’t get drunk eating our ice cream) flavors like Jesus Juice (red wine and Coca Cola) and White Russian Black Forest (White Russian cocktail and Black Forest cake).

To keep the tradition going, we’re kicking off the new year with two partnerships that are sure to get you in the right spirits. We know it’s time for “New Year, New You,” but let’s be real – the diet starts tomorrow. Check them out.

The Glenlivet Partnership

The Glenlivet ice cream
The Glenlivet

Your favorite single malt whiskey can now be consumed in ice cream form. Yup, we signed a rad partnership with The Glenlivet to create not only The Glenlivet ice cream but also a delectable twist on a Hot Toddy to elevate it to the next level. Our Hot Toddy Sundae comes with a scoop of The Glenlivet ice cream topped with warm clove caramel and candied lemon, and it’s yours for the entire month of January.

Hot Toddy Sundae
Hot Toddy Sundae

If you’re looking for a reason to indulge in our Hot Toddy Sundae, National Hot Toddy Day lands on Friday, January 11th this year, and yes, we’re celebrating. Join us at our Venice scoop shop on January 11th to enjoy a Hot Toddy Sundae, and on January 25th, we’ll be hosting a Glenlivet Burn’s Night at our San Francisco Mission shop. Stop by from 6 PM to 10 PM to witness a Glenlivet barista work his/her magic and enjoy some boozy delights with Team Slocombe.

San Francisco Beer Week

San Francisco’s annual Beer Week is making its return on the first day of February and serving pints until the 10th. We’ve been fortunate enough to make friends with several breweries throughout the city who have partnered with us to create some brews to sip and ice cream to lick. Whether you’re here for pints of ice cream or pints of beer, check out what’s to come during the booziest week of the year.

At Humphry Slocombe, we like to think anything and everything can be enhanced by ice cream. We may be biased, but you could say ice cream flows through our veins. Keep checking back on our blog to see what collaborations we’ll be hosting in 2019 – you won’t want to miss out.