Our Feature Partner: The Rose Venice

Just a few blocks from Humphry Slocombe is The Rose Venice, an iconic restaurant in the heart of Venice, California that has been satisfying the hunger of locals and travelers since 1979. Chef Jason Neroni, formerly of Superba, dishes out Southern California cuisine with a taste of international influence from his worldwide adventures. We were so excited to dive into this partnership to create an ice cream flavor as classic yet unexpected as The Rose Venice and Humphry Slocombe.

Surfer's Breakfast ice cream

When collaborating with Chef Jason, he knew he wanted to create a flavor that was reminiscent of breakfast by the beach. What became of this desire is Surfer’s Breakfast, a buttermilk ice cream with black sesame granola and jam swirl. These delicious, nostalgic flavors of a seaside breakfast all come together to entice surfers and ice cream indulgers alike at any time of day. We can’t wait for you to get your first lick of Surfer’s Breakfast, so make sure to stop by any of our shops throughout the month of April to get a scoop (or two).

Additionally, join us for some fun events with The Rose Venice and spoil yourself with delicious ice cream and other treats this month. Remember, this is a limited-time flavor, so it’ll be gone when April is over! Find a shop near you.

First Friday at Humphry Slocombe with The Rose Venice

Need plans on Friday, April 5th? The Rose Venice will be handing out Rose Swag Bags to Humphry Slocombe’s first 50 customers, starting at 6 PM. RSVP now!

Find us at Coachella

Chef Jason will be serving our partnership flavor at the Outstanding in the Field dinner at Coachella on Sunday, April 21st. This full service, four-course meal will take place in the VIP Rose Garden.

Free scoops during brunch at The Rose Venice

We’ll be bringing our ice cream cart to The Rose Venice and handing out free scoops of Surfer’s Breakfast during brunch, kicking off at 11 AM on Sunday, April 28th. Brunch and ice cream? #winning